Privacy Statement

Privacy statement of Praktijk61

Your consent

When you register with our practice as a patient you consent with the way the practice manages your data as described in this document. You also consent to respect the privacy of all our other patients and health care workers.

Access to your personal data

The people who have access to your personal data are:

  • You
  • The family doctors of Praktijk61 directly concerned with your care
  • All receptionists and practice nurses of Praktijk61
  • All interim family doctors working in Praktijk61
  • The family doctors working at the evening and weekend doctors service “the SHR”, if given admission to your data by you after having been personally requested  by us.
  • Some other administrators of your medical file.

All these people have signed for secrecy.

Family Practice

In our practice several of your data can be processed. This is necessary to optimize your medical treatment and necessary for the financial administration. It can also be necessary in order to restrict health hazards or to comply with legal requirements ( for example compulsory reporting of infectious diseases that are labelled as serious health risks ).

The duties of our Family Practice

Our practice is responsible for the management of your personal data that we use according to the AVG (  the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ). To comply with this we declare that:

  • Your data are only collected for specific purposes:
  1. for healthcare
  2. for appropriate management or policy purposes
  3. to support research and education.
  • Fundamentally there is no processing for other purposes.
  • You will be informed when your personal data are processed. This can happen directly through personal information, but also with an information leaflet or on the website.
  • All our staff members have committed to handle your personal data with confidentiality.
  • Your personal data are well protected against unauthorized access.
  • Your personal data will no longer be saved than is necessary for good healthcare.

The retention of your medical data has been determined to be 15 years ( from the last day of treatment ), unless there is a compelling reason to keep the data longer, for example for the benefit of your or your children’s health. This decision will be made at the discretion of the practitioner.

Your rights as a person concerned:

You have the following rights:

  • The right to know whether and what of your personal data are processed
  • The right of inspection and the receipt of a transcript of those data ( as long as the privacy of another person is not harmed in doing so).
  • The right to correction, addition or deletion of data when necessary.
  • The right to request ( partial ) deletion of your medical data. The practitioner can only comply if the preservation of the data is not of critical importance to your health or someone else's and if there is no judicial regulation to make it necessary to keep the data.
  • The right to add a personal ( medical ) statement to your data.
  • The right to object to process your data in certain circumstances.

If you wish to exert the above mentioned rights you file an application either directly to our staff or through email or a letter addressed to our practice. Your right can also be represented by someone else ( for example an authorized representative, your curator or your mentor ).

Further clarification of such a request

Fundamentally the retention of your medical data has been determined by law to be 15 years ( from the last day of treatment ). You help us to provide the requested information accurately and to protect your privacy by filing your request as detailed as possible. Your information will be handled in strict confidentiality. Our practice is not responsible for errors made by the postal services. If you wish to receive your data personally or through an authorized representative you can mention this in your request.

Requirements for an application for medical data

Notify us whose personal file is requested. By law ( WGBO ) a person is an adult from the age of 16 years. Adults who want to inspect or receive a transcript of their personal data have to file the application in person. If a person is deceased the release of medical data is permitted only if reasonably can be expected that the deceased would not have objected or if there are important considerations not to adhere to the obligation to non-disclosure of the practitioner. This decision will be made at the discretion of the practitioner.

Transmission of personal data to other parties

Strict consent of the person concerned is necessary for the transmission of personal data to other parties. There are however some exceptions. By law the obligation to non-disclosure of the practitioner can be ignored in certain circumstances, for example if there is imminent danger for the subject's health or that of someone else. In that case registered data can be exchanged either verbally, by mail or digitally with other health care providers ( for instance pharmacies ).

Our practice cooperates with other health care providers such as pharmacies, dieticians, physical therapists and psychologists, who take part in the team of medical caretakers. This is particularly ( but not only ) the case with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, geriatric care and mental healthcare. In these cases medical information is shared to optimize medical treatment.

Appointments made through the website

If you use the application to make an appointment through our website we will ask you to provide  your date of birth and postal code in order to be able to process your request.

Digital medical file ( MgN )

If you use our digital medical file MgN , we will process your personal data and the data concerning your medical history to give you access to your file.

Our practice has the use of technical and organizational support to protect your data against loss or unlawful processing. You are personally responsible for the secrecy of your password. We advise you not to share your password and to frequently change it.

The use of personal data to send you information

Our practice can use your personal data to inform you about important changes on our website, new products or services that might be of interest to you. If you no longer want to receive this information or if you do not want us to use your data for this purpose you can contact us verbally, through email or regular mail.

Data exchange

If you have consented to exchange of data through the LSP ( an electronic patient file shared among family practitioners in The Netherlands) relevant medical information will be shared securely en reliably with the SHR ( the doctors service for evenings, nights, weekends and holidays ).

The SHR will provide information of consultations made in their office to the responsible practitioner ( where the patient is registered).

Relevant information about medication, intolerances, contra-indications and allergies can be shared with your pharmacy and other specialists in whose care you are.

These arrangements are made in order to optimize your medical treatment and personal safety.

Questions or complaints

Dou you have any questions or complaints about our privacy regulations?

We would like to hear from you so that we can address the issues.

We would also like to refer to our option to file a complaint at the bottom of our website. We comply with the Law “ Quality, complaints and disputes in health care “ ( the Wkkgz ).


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