Our Team

In 1976 Susan Platteel-de Jongh established herself as a general practitioner in Voorschoten on the Beethovenlaan, in a 40 m2 office. Here she expanded her practice from one patient to a mature practice with the help of one assistant. In 1997 she was joined by Annelies Oudshoorn and in 2000 she retired. The practice grew steadily. In 2001 Jacqueline Zinkweg joined the partnership. From the Beethovenlaan we first moved to the J.W. Frisolaan to settle in our current building on Leidseweg 61 in 2013. Here we work with a fine and close-knit team that has expanded over time and now consists of 4 permanent doctors, one GP in training, four receptionists and three practice nurses (two for chronic illnesses and one for psychological counseling). After 23 intense and wonderful years, in which general practice evolved with trends towards increased scrutiny and evidence-based medicine , Annelies Oudshoorn also retired at the end of 2020. Ilse Batist has taken over her position with great enthusiasm. Thanks in part to the efforts of all employees, our practice has grown over time into a certified and fully-fledged GP practice with a solid foundation. We are ambitious, we work with pleasure and in harmony and together we stand for good care!

Huisartsen Praktijk61

Leidseweg 612253 AA Voorschoten

Tel 071-5615417
Fax 071-5619050

Jacqueline  Zinkweg, GP]
Jacqueline Zinkweg

Mo, Tue, Thu

Ilse  Batist, GP]
Ilse Batist


Gert Jan  Lourenssen, GP ]
Gert Jan Lourenssen

Freelance GP

Claire  Schreurs, GP]
Claire Schreurs
Freelance GP
Merel  Padding, GP trainee]
Merel Padding
GP trainee
Mon, Thu, Fri 
Inge   Vogel, Psychologist]
Inge Vogel

Mon, Fri (even weeks)

Liesbet  Flierman, POH Somatics]
Liesbet Flierman
POH Somatics
Mon,Tue, Thu
Colette van der Luit, Receptionist]
Colette van der Luit

Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu

Lonny  Nederstigt, Receptionist]
Lonny Nederstigt

Tue, Thu,  Fri

Jolanda  Plomp, Receptionist]
Jolanda Plomp

Mon,Tue, Wed morning

Jenny  van Dam, Receptionist]
Jenny van Dam

Tue, Wed, Fri

Natasha  Louwrens, Practice manager]
Natasha Louwrens
Practice manager

Tue morning, Wed morning